We see every member of our church empowered to fulfill a personal life mission in the world as
we are to:

  • Value each other’s personality regardless of ethnic, sexual or social orientation and the pursuit of God’s justice and peace in every area of life
  • Inspire and empower each other to greatness and goodness through mentoring/counseling, missionary work and evangelism
  • Call to God through fervent prayers/intercessions for one another and our community
  • Teach and study the word of God
  • Orientate members on goal setting and freedom from spiritual, socio-economic, marital burden
  • Reach out locally and globally with God’s love
  • Yield in acceptance to God’s will in the fulfillment of God’s divine purpose for our lives?

Find past and upcoming sermons and other forms of ministrations from Victory Christian Chapel and other guests at our church. Be blessed.